Best Summer activities for you and your little ones

Looking for some inspiration to keep the kids amused during the long Summer holidays? The good news is it’s definitely possible to fill the days with fun activities without breaking the bank!

Last weekend I spent three days camping with a group of creative people that own small businesses like me and their children with ages ranging from 2-17 years old.  We all had such a brilliant time I thought I would share some of the things we got up to!

Giant bubbles

Every one loves bubbles from babies to teenagers, they will happily spend hours playing with them. Babies and toddlers love the little bottles of bubbles you can easily buy but when they get a bit older giant bubbles will keep them busy for hours!

Giant bubble making was one of the most popular activities with all ages over the weekend and a lot of the adults got involved too!  You can buy bubble wands like the picture above and bubble solution on-line but you can also make them yourself like the photo above on the right and it’s super easy to do!

All you need is
– water
– washing up liquid (preferably fairy)
– washing up bowl or bucket
– 2 garden canes or wooden dowl approx 60cm long
– 1 length of string 1m long and 1 length 70 cm long

How to do it

Tie the shorter length of string tightly to the top of both garden canes and then tie the larger length of string just below on both canes. You will then have two loops of string tied to your canes.

Make up your bubble solution in the washing up bowl or bucket in a 1:4 mixture of washing up liquid to water.

You are now ready to go! Dip the string into your mixture and watch those bubbles fly!

Pond dipping

This is such a fun activity for kids in the Summer months, its educational and free too!

All you need is the most basic equipment and the kids can learn all about creatures that live in our waterways. You can have hours of fun at your local canal, lake or pond and get the kids away from their devices and into the fresh air what could be better!

What you need
– fishing net
– a jam jar with some string to make a handle
– pair of wellies
– paper and pencil to record your finds

The woodland trust has lots of information about pond dipping on their website with all the information you need. They have lots of downloadable activity sheets that are brilliant and will help your little ones identify all the different creatures they find. The sheets can be downloaded here – You can also join their nature detectives club for lots of activities throughout the year, thank you to The woodland trust for putting together such a brilliant information pack.

Rainbow sponge printing

We’ve all tried sponge painting with the kids but I had never tried rainbow sponge printing before! I found this brilliant idea in the kids craft room which has some brilliant ideas for doing arts and crafts with your kids.

I absolutely love rainbows and this technique is really easy for your little ones to do and is very educational too. They can learn about colour while having fun.

You can experiment by using a dry sponge to get bright vibrant colours and you can try using a wet sponge too. Your children will learn about mixing and blending colours and have a great time too. You can find lots more information and lots of other craft ideas here

I hope that I’ve given you a little inspiration and a few ways to keep the kids occupied this Summer. I will be adding more ideas over the Summer so to keep updated you can sign up to our mailing list in the sidebar.

Whatever you’re doing have a great Summer!

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